Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Not too much or too little- Pack just right.

Flying with a baby has made traveling more complicated. I have always been a planner but now, I HAVE to be a planner when it comes to traveling- the stakes are high. If I forget something, I could end up with a screaming baby and a plane full of annoyed passengers. If I bring too much, I'm struggling to get to what I actually need or leaving things behind and yet again, you guessed it- crying baby.

We have lots of trips scheduled during the next few months as my husband interviews for residency. I have paired down my carry on bag to one backpack with extra space, just in case.

Here are my flight carry on essentials when traveling with a 5 month old:

Front Pockets (There are two front pockets- the smaller one is where I keep my essential items and the smaller pocket is where I keep items of Evie's that I will need to grab quickly)
  • Earbuds
  • Wallet including ID Card
  • Teething ring provided lots of entertainment 
  • Wet Wipes for disinfecting surfaces (Planes are dirty and Evie wants to touch everything)
  • Saline wipes for little faces, hands and noses
  • Burp cloth is great to dealing with spit up, drool and any other mess
Side Pockets (My backpack has two side pockets intended for water bottles. They work perfectly for baby bottles as well. You could breastfeed and eliminate the need for any of these items but I have never had luck with breastfeeding in public.)
  • 1 small baby bottle filled with breastmilk (This has to be tested by TSA)
  • 1 empty large baby bottle which can be filled up with water at drinking fountain
  • On the go packets of formula
Main Zipper Pocket (The main section has one mesh, zipper pocket and then the rest is open space.)
  • Diaper clutch holds diapers, wipes and is a changing pad- talk about convenience 
  • Sweater or shirt because planes and airports are cold
  • Vitamins and medications
  • Sophie, the giraffe, in case we need another toy
  • Extra packets of formula powder
  • Baby maybe items in a pack-it cube

Baby Maybe Pack-it Cube (Baby maybe items are things we might need but unlikely. Therefore, I keep them tucked away in this pack-it cube and corralled together. Having these items packed away, allows me to get to other items quicker.)
  • Weather dependent clothing in this case jacket and beanie
  • Gallon size ziplock bag in case of diaper leak resulting in dirty clothes
  • Extra outfit because accidents happen
  • Extra blanket 

Now you are all set to go on your trip, just don't forget your cutie pie.

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