Friday, September 23, 2016


Things Get Messy Before They Get Better

No matter how hard I try to stay tidy, things eventually get messy. Seasonal organizing is a great time for me to transition and reorganize.

 Before I was I mom, I used to take on large organizational tasks at once, such as the entire master bedroom (including closet, dressers, bookshelves and nightstands). Undertaking such a big project is no longer an option, unless I want everything to end up in a heap on the floor.

I opted to reorganize my dresser drawers first.  It is a small task and nap time projects are my speciality. 

Here is a peak at what my drawers looked like:

Top Drawers: Workout tops and tank tops // Undergarments

Middle Drawer: Nightgowns, pajama sets, socks, sports bras and well, whatever else made its way into this drawer.

Bottom Drawer: Tees, shorts and jeans

Steps I took to tidy my drawers:

1. Remove everything
This forces purging and the opportunity to reimagine the space.

2. Get sorting
I cerated categories for off season, maternity, give away, trash and keep. Keep items are placed into smaller categories with like items (pants, work out, undergarments, pajamas, etc.)

3. Re-fold
I can clearly see everything laid out and start deciding how it will best fit in the space.

4. Put it back together again
I place everything into my dresser but play around with location. Sometimes it takes me a few tries to get things where I want them. I use drawer inserts to help keep like items together.

Here is a look at the final product:
Top Drawers: Workout gear // undergarments

 Middle Drawer: Tees, tanks and pajamas

Bottom Drawer: Leggings, jeans and of course, a lint roller

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