Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Cleaning can be a bit of a grueling task sometimes, especially spring cleaning and even more so if you have let a certain space get a tad bit disorganized and messy over time (yes, I'm talking from experience). I might make organizational and cleaning videos and blog post here on the Internet but I'm still human and life still happens. I enjoy a clean and organized space but let's face it, I don't live in a perfect world and sometimes life gets messy.

So let's get to cleaning up after it because I don't know about you but I can't wait to ring in spring, the sunny weather, the blooming flowers, and the new possibilities!

1. Turn on the tunes and turn them up.

Cleaning might not be the most exciting activity but there is no reason not to make it a bit more fun. Music helps time fly while I'm cleaning. I dance around like a fool, singing into my cleaning tooth brush and have pretty good time.

2. Take all of the towels, bath mats, and bath robes, and shower curtain and get to washing.

If you wash these things while your cleaning the bathroom, the quicker they will be done when you are finished. I tend to get a bit impatient when working on a project. I want to reap my benefits as soon as possible.

3. Run water in the shower and then I add in shower cleaner (Comet*) all over the tub base and edges.

This way I can allow the cleaner to sit in the tub the entire time I am cleaning, I save the shower and tub for last.
* I prefer to use environmentally friendly and toxic free products but don't like wasting products I already have. Once my Comet is gone I will replace with another, less toxic version.

4. Pour in the toilet bowl cleaner and again allow it to do its magic while you work yours in the rest of the bathroom.

5. Remove everything from the bathroom: things on counters, items in the showers, under the sink items, storage unit above the toilet, etc.

An empty space is easier to clean.

6. Remove any paints, wall decor, or left behind screws and nails in the walls that your will be removing from the bathroom.

7. Then I scrub the walls and doors with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to remove dirt and scuffs.

Pay special attention to high traffic areas: door knobs, light switches, door jambs, and behind doors where they might scuff the walls.

8. Patch up any dents or wholes in the walls from items that will no longer be placed in the same spots and all the putty to dry fully.

9. While the putty is drying, start on the baseboards. I spay this all purpose cleaner along the baseboards and use a toothbrush to remove the built up dust.

10. For the sinks, I use this daily shower cleaner with a toothbrush to again remove any hard to get dust or built up residue.

11. I them spay the all purpose cleaner to clean the counter top and use the toothbrush if necessary to remove any spot on the counter.

12. For the fixtures on the sink and for the bathroom mirror I use glass cleaner to add a streak free shine. (Side note: I detest streaking!)

13. I use a swifter duster to remove dust from the lighting fixture above the sink and then use a paper towel with the all-purpose cleaner to wipe it down.

14. I then use the All Purpose cleaner and paper towels to wipe down the front and insides of the cabinets.

Cabinets can attract spilt toothpaste and things of the soft over time. They look nice and fresh with a quick wipe down. The insides also attack a lot of dust and it is nice to wipe them all down before you reorganize your items back inside.

15. I reorganize my items, label things I want to label, wipe things down, and place them back under the sink.

16. Wipe off everything that is going back on the counter with a clorox wipe to remove any residue.

17. Use a toilet brush to clean the inside of the toilet.

18. Use a toothbrush and the shower cleaner to clean the toilet and around the toilet. The area behind the toilet attracts a lot of dust over time and the toothbrush helps remove it.

19. Touch up the paint on the walls and on the baseboards if there were any dings or scuffs that your couldn't remove.

20. Use a sponge to wash out the Comet from the shower.

20. Scrub the grout of the shower using a mild abrasive cleaner.

21. Spray a shower cleaner and use a sponge to remove any residue left behind from the grout cleaner.

22. Wash the floors by hand using a heavy duty floor cleaner.

23. Once the floors are dry, replace everything in the bathroom but make sure to dust it and wipe it down first.

This will prevent anything dirty from entering into your newly clean space!


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