Saturday, February 23, 2013


Another manicure inspired by the fabulous and glamorous Academy Awards, only one day away. This time I went with a traditional Oscar theme, the Red Carpet. Let's be honest, the red carpet is half the show. Of course I love to see the movie and actor nominations and the acknowledgement of talent throughout the year but I also like to see who gets it right for the evening. Who has the right attire, the right hair, the right accessories, the right designer, all for one cohesive, fashion savvy, and drop-dead gorgeous look. (I must admit I like to see the fashion fails of the evening as well. It just makes me wonder, with a team of professional stylist, designers, and money at your disposal, what went wrong?"

Now onto the look. Since it is Read Carpet inspired of course it had to be classy and red. But I added a bit of a twist and instead of doing just plain red nails, I wanted to spice it up a bit. I mean no one ever one an Oscar for a mediocre performance, why should my nails be any different. So I went with the concept: Red carpet meets Mr. Academy Award (For those of you that don't know, the Academy award is the big, gold, shiny trophy that Oscar winners are presented with.) The nails are red with heart shaped gold tips except the ring finger, which is gold with red heart tips.

How to achieve this manicure design.

1.Apply one coat of a base coat polish to your nails.
( I used Butter London's "Flawless Basecoat")

2. Apply two coats of a red polish to all of your nails except your ring fingers. 
(I used Butter London's "Knees Up")

3. Apply two coats of a bronze polish to your ring fingers.
(I used Butter London's "The Old Bill")

4. Apply one coat of a metallic glitter to your ring fingers.
(I used  Butter London's "Tart With A Heart")

5. On the tips of all nails, except ring fingers, paint on heart tips using bronze polish. 
(I used Butter London's "The Old Bill")

6. Over the bronze tips, paint one coat of metallic glitter polish.
(I used Butter London's "Tart With A Heart)

7. On the tips of the ring fingers, paint one coat of your top coat to even out glitter surface.
(I used Seche Vite "Fast Drying Top Coat")

8. On tips of ring fingers, paint heart using red polish.
(I used Butter London's "Knees Up)

9. Polish one coat of top coat over all nails.
(I used Seche Vite "Fast Drying Top Coat"

10. Let completely dry and your Red Carpet Ready


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