Monday, September 24, 2012


Here are a few of our fave photos that we have received from our wedding photographers so far. Also, here is the link from our photographer SummerAndBoyd if you would like to check out the other photos we have received at this point.

I love looking at these photos for many reasons. Of course it is fun to look back and see what a gorgeous wedding Jason and I planned because we got so caught up in the moment that we missed so many of the little details of the day. By that way, I wouldn't change that for anything. I'm glad we got caught up in each other, in our guest, and in the moment of our love and our vows. On that day and even that weekend none of the little details mattered because it was about us and our love for one another. It was about us acknowledging our faith in each other through think and thin and to vow to be there together until the end no matter the circumstances. That is exactly what I love about these photos is looking back is seeing that joy and love in our eyes, that excitement that we have before and after we are married because we know we will forever be changed for the better.

Some people think that because we already lived together before the wedding that life after the wedding  but thats far from the truth. Of course we loved each other before the wedding but now we are husband and wife, an inseparable unity, that we both take very serously. We are both working on incorporating changes into our everyday life to acknowledge this change that we have embarked on and to honor this gift of love and marriage we have found in each other. I hope to share some of these tips with you throughout this blog. Wish us newlyweds luck us we embark on this journey of marriage that won't always be easy but that we plan to work through together in faith.

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