Thursday, October 13, 2011


I've decided to start at the beginning and take you back to the proposal. The proposal is the official start of all wedding related events but if I'm honest the true beginning was years ago when a wonderful, charming, caring man came into my life but don't worry, I won't take you all back that far. For now let's just start with the engagement.

It all started when I got home from work on June 15. He did all of this elaborate planning and tricked me so good! He even took the day off from work to orchestrate everything! Our dogs each had a bandana on and one said "our dad loves you" and the other read "please say yes" but I didn't see the writing on them yet.

He scattered treats on the ground that lead the dogs and me trailing behind into the dining room which had champagne, flowers, a picture of us, champagne flutes and the tiffanys box on the table.

Then the dogs ate more treats leading me upstairs and i saw the writing on their bandanas. Such a cute added touch! They led us to our bed which had rose petals that spelled out "I heart you" and the dot on the I was my ring in the black box.

It was then that he got on one knee an asked me if I would marry him.

Sweetest proposal ever, right?

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